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Demon Blues

Demon Blues


The limited edition CD version includes 2 bonus tracks not available on the vinyl, add for a low price.

West Australian boogie masters DATURA4 return with their highly anticipated fifth album, “Neanderthal Jam”.  Fronted by Dom Mariani of legendary Oz garage rockers The Stems, “Neanderthal Jam” is packed with new tracks of psychedelicised blues and full-tilt heavy rock that were jammed out and recorded at their favourite south-west farmhouse studio.

Having already released 4 acclaimed albums on Alive Naturalsound Records “Demon Blues” (2015), “Hairy Mountain” (2016), “Blessed is the Boogie” (2019) and “West Coast Highway Cosmic” (2020), “Neanderthal Jam” sees them building upon and going beyond on another diverse collection of tastefully crafted songs.

Early reviews for “Neanderthal Jam” :


“Open The Line”  :  The West Australian psych-groovers lay down a luscious cosmic boogie, all Hammond organ, loose-hipped Summer of Love warmth and fresh off their upcoming album Neanderthal Jam. Full-tilt retro fun, it bounces along like a hippie hitchhiker after a really good night’s sleep, seems to finish…and then trips out for another half a minute or so of freakdom. Impossible to listen and not think of blue skies and hot, hot sunshine. – Polly Glass / CLASSIC ROCK - LOUDER


The Western Australian natives always mind their trad rock and blues roots with a modern heft and sensibility when it comes to stone grooves and spaced licks. – GHOST CULT MAGAZINE


The feedback and slide-drenched boogie of "Going Back To Hoonsville" is as catchy as COVID, neanderthally heavy, and as relentless as a desert highway car chase. – X-PRESS MAGAZINE


"Going Back To Hoonsville" : Datura4 stalk a darker, dirtier species of psychedelic boogie than their fellow cool West Australia types (Tame Impala, Pond..), and their latest single stirs Jim Jones-esque nastiness into a hypnotic, head-pounding shuffle. –  CLASSIC ROCK


Australian rock act Datura4 are psychedelic, bluesy and surging on their new single “Open The Line” which is part of their upcoming album Neanderthal Jam. The message, as the band states, is simple – “Love is the only answer.” – Anurag Tagat / ROLLING STONE INDIA

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