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Very heavy thanks to Linda Dunjey Photography for coming to our show at Lyric's and taking a bundle of sweet pics and writing a bunch of kind words for X-Press Magazine. Our east coast run kicks in tonight, Friday April 21st, at The Great Club in Marrickville with the Sheepdogs all the way from Canada . On stage 8pm sharp.

Image credit Linda Dunjey

Extract from Review below, and you can read the full review on Xpress mag's website HERE

Datura4 took to the stage as a quintet with Dom Mariani on guitars and vocals, Warren Hall on drums, Stu Loasby on bass, Jozef Grech on guitars and vocals and Bob Patient on keyboards. From the opening chords of the darkly mesmerising Trolls, to Digging My Own Grave followed by the insanely catchy Bad Times, Worried Man's Boogie, Black Speakers and Going Back to Hoonsville, there was more than enough of the new Neanderthal Jam tracks to hope the merch tables on the tour will get a workout of their own.

The other four Datura4 albums were also represented in the setlist to satisfy any die hard fans who wanted to hear the earlier songs. On a night that well and truly cemented the band's well-deserved reputation of being top of the boogie/blues/psychedelic scene in WA, no-one wanted the night to be over, but the encores of the beloved Blessed is the Boogie, and closer Oh Well sent punters home on a high.

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07 Eki 2023
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Great gig, as is always with Dom and the dudes.

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