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Originating in 2009 out of the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia, DATURA4 can be best described as a ballsy return to full-tilt boogie, blues and psychedelic hard rock and with their own original spin on things. The current line-up fronted by Dom Mariani (The Stems and DM3), Warren Hall (The Drones) on drums, Stu Loasby (bass), Bob Patient (keyboards) and Joe Grech (guitar and vocals), Datura4 have recorded and released five impressive albums : ‘Demon Blues’ (2015), Hairy Mountain (2016), Blessed is the Boogie (2019), West Coast Highway Cosmic (2020) and Neanderthal Jam (2022). Released on US label Alive Natural Sound Records all five albums have been received enthusiastically by fans and the music press alike. Since their inception DATURA4 have established an impressive live reputation touring the east coast of Australia and through Europe in 2019 and 2023. They are currently working on their sixth studio album.

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